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Following are the highlights of Themenvato services and products.

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We provide licensed themes under the GPL and all products are virus free. We provide cost-effective websites compared to other suppliers.


We provide premium and genuine themes at lower prices than other suppliers, our projects also include plug-ins and graphics for your projects. Shopify services are one of the most recognized and liked services by Thementov.


You can join us by signing in through your email. It requires your payment method, address, and further account details to make the purchase easier. You can view your orders, cart, and dashboard through it.


You can register your issue and chat with us through the provided information. Or click on the live chat option for immediate assistance.


Payments are made through your added information. We provide easy and secure modes of payment to provide a seamless experience.


No trial or grace period is given after the subscription has been purchased or any sale has been finalized. Once the download is done, there is no returning it.


All services and others perks are guaranteed. You can explore more projects by viewing other sections!

A Theme envato will make a difference.


Frequently Ask Questions

In this section, we answer frequently asked questions by the customers to minimize any confusion.

You can use them as many times as you like. The plugins and themes are licensed and you can use them often. It is up to how many sites you want to use them on.

The files available on the site are 100% original and they do not contain malware nor are they modified. We even use them on our site as well. These themes and plugins can be directly downloaded on our website.

Once purchased, you can use them without restrictions.

We have recently modified our fair use policy regarding downloads. Now you can download only 50 per user or per day. 

You can view the list of updates by following this link.

We add new products every day and publish new versions of existing products. 

Note: We do not update products immediately and do not guarantee that the past version of each product will be added.

If you require to update the product then you must download it from the website first and perform the update manually.  And if you want to receive automatic updates, you have to purchase the product directly from the developer. 

Yes, you can submit your request and the team will be pleased to update you as soon as possible. But we do not guarantee that the last version of each product will be added. 

We do not sell, lease, or approve of the licensed keys. All products from Themenvato are under GPL license. If you require automatic updates and support from only the producer, you will then require licensed keys. 

Yes, it is legal as all the products are released under license

Please ignore these warnings as developers request to register to automatically update the themes and plugins. 

You can ignore these warnings as developers request to register it from you to update the plugins and themes. Warnings do not restrict themes and plugins from working.

You cannot download as download managers send multiple requests to the servers as download requests which can end your downloading limit.